Obama and Romney Both Clamber for the High Ground on the Student Loans Issue

The 2012 presidential election is on the horizon with Republican candidate Mitt Romney all but set to contest with incumbent Barack Obama. One of the first serious topics turns out to be student loans from the federal government.  CNN news explains Congress’s intent to double federally subsidized loans rates on July 1st. This dire issue greatly impacts men and women 18-29 years old, a major voting demographic.

From the democratic front, President Obama is appealing to the young adults that are critically affected by earning and paying off student loans. While he evidently aims to fight the issue and is actively pushing Congress to maintain current rates, the hopeful incumbent is utilizing the specific issue to gain favor with the same age group that strongly supported him throughout the 2008 election through highly publicized speeches. Therefore, President Obama has spent time traveling through North Carolina, Colorado and Iowa to visit university campuses and urge students to take a stand for themselves and vote after reaffirming his plan to keep loan rates from increasing. The president also made a televised appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, where the host interviewed him at the University of North Dakota about the issue.

On the other hand, Governor Romney has openly declared support for the effort to freeze current subsidized loan rates, taking some of the wind out of Obama’s sails and assuring that his own platform can’t be unfairly accused of supporting the action.

In the end, neither man has a true advantage over the other concerning this policy because their views are identical. However, they both clearly want to earn a favorable view for the public eye.


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