Your Rebuttal, in 140 Characters or Less

Twitter is immutably becoming a contest ground for the current republican primaries and the 2012 presidential election. I still find it strange that the messaging service actually serves as a credible medium for political messages, but it certainly has shown a difference in how potential voters respond to the campaign. After all, Twitter is quick, readily available, free for any American to purchase, and provides easy access to certain influential individual’s feed. Campaign teams also like to take advantage of Twitter’s well-establish services and easy access, so the most beneficial step for these individuals is to set up an account and capture some much-needed attention. The Vancouver Sun‘s Samuel P. Jacobs reveals that Republican Candidate Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann Romney, opened a Twitter account to support her husband on the campaign trail.

Republican Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann Romney

Her action is clearly in response to the attention that President Obama garners from his Twitter account and his Facebook account (which played a part in his 2008 election as it attracted attention from young voters).  Romney’s staff hopes this will make an impact in the Republican Campaign while it can also help in the Presidential campaign thereafter. Twitter has certainly been working its magic already, as the story itself has spread on Twitter’s own pages and on Online and broadcast news. Ann Romney’s simple yet bold move will undoubtedly produce results throughout the election season.


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