From this Point on, the “Right” is in Romneyland

On April 10, 2012, Rick Santorum officially announced that he is not a Republican candidate for the presidential election any longer. CNN news released a report iterating that apparently, the former Pennsylvanian Governor, “spent the holiday weekend evaluating the race with his family,” especially his, “[hospitalized] 3-year-old daughter Bella.” Per usual, Santorum’s public announcement allows analysts, other candidates and potential voters to speculate what will come during the remainder of the Presidential Race.

Clearly, one reason for the immediate attention by the media is to inform voters (especially Santorum supporters) that Rick Santorum is no longer a viable option for president, and so the republican primaries are shifting dramatically. As the same CNN article explains, “Santorum’s departure leaves rival Mitt Romney with a firm grasp on the nomination,” because the two candidates have held commanding leads above the next strongest candidate, Newt Gingrich. Supporters of Santorum will likely rally with frontrunner Mitt Romney for conservative values, and the support will only grow if the former candidate endorses Romney.

Americans can likely turn to media coverage for future information on the Republican primaries, especially while news outlets will attempt to report on stories as sson as possible within the next few weeks.


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