Wal-Mart to Introduce a Brand New Media Solution

Wal-Mart will get itself involved in a very interesting business venture in April, 2012. The mass-retailer is preparing to join Warner Bros.’ Ultraviolet digitizing service, and Wal-Mart’s service will be called VuduVudu will allow consumers to take DVDs and Blurays to Wal-Mart stores and pay to have them digitized, so they will become accessible on Vudu’s cloud service. Wal-mart, as a large, multinational company,  can potentially bring more notice to both websites within the next year. However, Vudu‘s success or failure will likely decide the future of the the entire Ultraviolet platform. The ways we buy media could change forever if Wal-mart’s venture proves itself to be popular among consumers; A new and successful digital service would create a great option for consumers who would like to store movies on their own computers. On the other hand, Vudu’s failure would prove that any future digitizing services would also face great difficulty if they try to find a consumer base.


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