Wes Anderson, Savior of Cultural Film

I recently had the pleasure of watching The Darjeeling Limited, an independent treasure by director Wes Anderson. This particular filmmaker is widely recognized for his unique storytelling, as the Rushmore Academy has blogged about. These fans show clear distinctions in Anderson’s style of film making as his works almost denounce the modern use of heavy and fast-paced action by favoring a calm, visual playbook. The Darjeeling Limited quickly caught my eye, especially the story of three American brothers in India which quickly brought comparisons to my own analysis of The River and Slumdog Millionaire.

The Darjeeling Unlimited (2007)

Darjeeling, released in 2007, presents a great mix of older appeals to foreign culture with modern acting, editing and humor. The story itself makes a statement about culture in films, as three closed-minded brothers find solace in profound Indian rituals during a spiritual journey. The film’s journey is very enjoyable, and it proves that you can easily find contentment is a visually and culturally striking film experience.


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